Monday, February 8, 2010

One ACCUSED Robbery, Sex Assault charged

A 19-year-old man accused by a woman in her apartment Grantville area, sexually assaulted her at gunpoint and fled with her laptop and cell phone is charged planned for Monday.

Raymond Londrea by Tierra Santa a 26-year-old woman attacked in the 4500-block Vand Ever Avenue clock at 10.40 Wednesday, after the San Diego Police Department.

Raymond was arrested Thursday at 1.45 clock after the match officials saw him on a trolley station on Euclid Avenue in Emerald Hills and decided, with the description of the suspect. He was in possession of a laptop and cell phone of the woman, police said.

Raymond was arrested on suspicion of assault, robbery, theft and kidnapping, said San Diego police Lt. Rick O'Hanlon. He was aware that arresting officers.

O'Hanlon said the victim came home, went into her apartment and locked the door. A man who does not know the victim opened the door and stepped inside, then raped her, although she was not raped, he said.

"It seems that he had seen them come into the complex and followed her," said O'Hanlon. "She was not physically injured, but she went into hospital for a sexual assessment."

The robber forced the woman to go out with him, an alley next to the apartment said, "O'Hanlon. The man demanded her car keys, then she said to leave. The woman ran away and the man who does not steal her car, left foot, according to O'Hanlon.

Roommate of the women were at home at the time told the police, but she heard nothing.

"It is entirely possible, if the suspect has a weapon, and tells you not to cry," said O'Hanlon.

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