Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Make Blog with Wordpress

Platform one blog that is widely used by blogger is a wordpress. Ease of use is one of the advantages Wordpress. Novice users who want to have a blog does not have to understand complex programming language to create a blog. Create a blog with Wordpress is very easy. You can just open site. Then write a blog that you want. Check availability. If available you just continue to the next step. Less than 5 minutes of your blog is ready to be filled with content you want. If using a free domain so your blog will be read Long enough and hard to remember. But for starters it does not matter. Later if it is well advanced and you can buy a domain with your own name.How do I start a blog with a free domain name? Very easy. You can just log into / wp-admin. Fill in your user name and password correctly. Once you go to your wordpress dashboard, choose to live as you wish. If you want to create a new post, you live post click on the menu, select Add new. Then write the post title and content of your postings. Then fill the tags, categories, keywords, and if you feel really confident right-click publishing to publish your post. Wait a few moments, your post is published.
To make a good blog, just write something you really know. You can write about insurance, health, computer and everything you like.

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